About Bre-Z Manor Pugs

Louise Tran lives in the Dallas area.  She is a member
in good standing of the

Pug Dog Club of America
Bluebonnet Pug Dog Club (officer)
Pug Dog Club of Greater San Antonio
Bre-Z Manor
I have always loved dogs, I remember thinking as a young child after gazing at a young litter of puppies I want to raise dogs when I
grow up , not I want to be a doctor or a lawyer or travel the world.  I want to raise dogs.  I started in toy poodles over thirty years
ago and was successful in producing quality red toy poodles that could compete with the blacks and whites in the show ring.  As the
years went by I decided I no longer had the time to keep a poodle in show coat.  I started looking at other breeds and was smitten
by the personality of a neighbor's pug.  This little dog was smart, a little stubborn, and always in a good mood.  I then started
researching the pug breed in earnest.  

Am/Int'l CH Sherfame's Ikon O' Bre-Z Manor CD ROM was my first show pug.  Ikon has produced 17 Champions and is behind
most of my line.  The Bre-Z Manor line has produced 59 AKC Champion pugs as of August 2019.  When it comes to selecting families, I
like to keep puppies close to home so that I can watch them develop; this is a very important step in my breeding program.

Like so many others, I believe
responsible breeders also rescue.  I am one of the official puppy raisers for the DFW Pug Rescue,
taking in soon to whelp pugs, providing them with good nutrition and a safe place to have their babies.  The pug mothers are always
so thankful; you can see it in their eyes.  I am also a groomer for a veterinarian.  When I rescue mothers to be the puppies are able
to come to work with me to either be watched over or be socialized.  Everyone there loves Pugs!    

We support
DFW Pug Rescue and attend their annual Pugaween!
Am/Int'l CH Sherfame's Ikon O' Bre-Z Manor CD ROM*
I am proud to say Bre-Z Manor pugs are winners in the show and performance rings
and at home with their adoring families.
Ikon winning in Oklahoma
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Bre-Z Manor pugs have achieved so many awards, titles and honors, thanks to the wonderful families and co-owners
who love them and enjoy activities with them.  I am so grateful to my wonderful friends and pug families!
Johnny at Pugaween
CH Bre-z Sherfames Go Johnny Go
Practicing for a Pugaween performance!
Kiwi winning Pugaween!  Again!
Kiwi at Pugaween
CH Bre-z Manor's Jellyroll Wally
Dressed for a night on the town at
Kiwi has been Pugaween
Grand Champion 3 times!