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Health notes:
As a responsible breeder, I do health tests on my pugs before breeding them.  Bentley tested N/N "negative" for the devastating
disease Pug Dog Encephalitis, commonly called PDE.  As a potential pug puppy owner, you will want to know that the breeders you
contact are doing genetic tests for PDE on any dogs they breed.

Pug Dog Encephalitis: Commonly called PDE, Pug Dog Encephalitis is, as the name implies, unique to Pugs. Little if anything is known as to the cause of
PDE, which is essentially an inflammation of the brain. PDE tends to affect young to middle aged Pugs and features seizures as its primary symptom.
Lethargy or listlessness and loss of muscle coordination can precede the seizures. Accompanying seizures are several symptoms ranging from
aggression to pacing in circles to the Pug pressing its head against objects such as walls and people.